Alex Bakita: Escaping the 9-5 culture, this young business mind went ahead in becoming a business leader.

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He thrived on his innate skills and talents but, most notably, on his strong self-belief that he could create a life of his choice.

Astonishing are all those stories about people and professionals who go ahead in not just giving their best but creating a more meaningful life, which can further motivate and inspire other aspiring talents around the world. It is also necessary to learn more about such success stories, who go against the tides and choose to still be their best version, even when things do not seem to be working their way. How do people gather courage amidst such challenging times, one wonders, but it all boils down to the madness a person holds within him to change his life for the better and do things that can truly bring him his sense of peace and happiness, highlights one such self-made success story, Alex Bakita, who believed, worked and conquered.

Over the years, many have gotten used to the 9-5 job culture. In all these years, people have kind of adapted to this famous culture and lifestyle, where they are okay with working under someone else and finding peace in their daily routine. But, this is exactly what many others despise. There are a few people, especially from the younger brigade, who do not wish to follow the crowd and lead a monotonous life and career. Alex Bakita belongs to this category of youngsters who chose to ride against the storms and manage to build his career in the world of business. According to Alex Bakita, a 9-5 job culture makes “Jack a dull boy” and gives him no time for his family and friends. He never wanted such lifestyle, and so, very early in life, he went all out to create his career in business.

Today, Alex Bakita has dived deep into varied industries, rising to be a versatile business owner who has established several ventures under his leadership. Before turning 21, he had already become a millionaire, and today as a 24-year-old, he has been successfully clinching success at every step of his way with his online marketing companies and profitable real estate projects and restaurants. He is also a growing investor, investing in many high-end restaurants and even in the world of finance.

Between dropping out of college at 20 and building his first successful business at 21, Alex Bakita learned many new lessons in life. He recalls how he hardly had any working capital when he started out in business, but giving up was never an option for him, and he kept on trying his best each day. This allowed him to gradually grow his businesses.

Today, as the CEO of several of his successful business ventures, Alex Bakita (@alexbakita) has successfully managed to escape the 9-5 work life and has achieved a more flexible lifestyle, where he is his own boss and feels passionate about doing much more in the coming years.

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