Strange and wonderful, almost adorable, sometimes violent, both familiar and marvelously unexpected, the suite of ceramic sculptures by Alex Anderson takes on the pretensions of the art historical canon from the perspective of identity, technique, style, and finely finished satire. The artist’s command of the idiom of white porcelain and the kitschy pastoral charm of commemorative vessels and animal figurines are subverted with a comic book, mythological quality and an elusive surrealism, while the overly lavish use of gold enhances both the sense of luxury and its takedown.

alex anderson at gavlak

Alex Anderson at Gavlak

Throughout the aesthetic gestures, issues of authorship, representation and the emblems of social power are interrogated in a series of works in which for example, fanged bunny monsters do solid-gold eye-laser battle with decapitated gods, among the hearts and snakes. Gavlak Gallery, 1700 S. Santa Fe, downtown; by appointment through July 11.

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