The angry white women at Mothers Against Drunk Driving helped to shove another unnecessary law through the state legislature recently.

A new rule would require grocery stores and markets to use human-run checkout counters for alcohol sales and ban booze and beer at automated self-checkout lines. Although the self-checkout stations can card, they're apparently not always doing it right.

The law comes courtesy of San Francisco assemblywoman Fiona Ma, who also brought us the short-live Anti-Raves Act of 2011. She's a professional party pooper.

In any case, AB 183 is on Gov. Jerry Brown's desk this week, just waiting for his signature.

Michael Scippa of the group Alcohol Justice states:

The rise in self-serve checkout lanes in California stores that sell alcoholic beverages is creating a recipe for disaster. Easy access to alcohol is a key driver of underage drinking, which in turn causes violent crime, car crashes, and high-risk sex.

High-risk sex. Terrible.

Backers cite studies that show self-checkouts failed to ask for ID scans one out of 10 times. (Makes you wonder what the human rate is).

Another key argument for the law: Self-checkout stands can't tell if you're already drunk and going back for more. (Strangely, they do know what time it is and can shut off sales at 2 a.m.).


In California we don't allow 'vending machine' sales of dangerous products, like tobacco, spray paint, many drugs, guns and ammo. We should not allow the sale of alcohol …

… or fertilizer.


LA Weekly