You really have to hand it to Berlin's Hound Gawd! Records, who provided us with last week's “Album of the Week” (The Candy Snatchers' excellent Moronic Pleasures) too. The label is putting out startlingly consistent punk rock & roll, to the point where, as with all great labels, it's worth listening to their product even if (maybe especially if) you've never heard of the artist before.

Those familiar with L.A. punk rock and a perhaps with something of a long memory will already be familiar with Pat Todd, and his Rankoutsiders formed in 2004 following the split of his previous outfit, beloved cow-punk group The Lazy Cowgirls. This band is less twangy cow-punk and more straight-ahead, fiery rock & roll.

“Pat Todd is a true American Original,” says Eddie Spaghetti of The Supersuckers in the accompanying press release. “Raw real and passionate … And boy, do we need Mr. Todd and his Rankoutsiders, now more than ever.”

He's not wrong. We're not talking about kids just setting out, treating rock & roll excess as a candy store and indulging in every little bit of everything that comes their way. These are seasoned Los Angeles musicians, with a lot of miles on the clock. They could be forgiven for starting to sound a little tired, generic. Rather, the influence of the likes of the Rolling Stones (there's plenty of Mick and Keith in there) has only served to add fuel.

“Down In Old Boerne” is pure honky-tonk brilliance, but the best song on here is “Run” — an infectious little rocker with hooks for days.

There's no filler though. This a tremendous album from an L.A. rocker who deserves a few more plaudits.

Credit: Hound Gawd! Records

Credit: Hound Gawd! Records

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