Money, fame and adoring fans can only go so far in politics. What a congressional candidate really needs is a campaign song (see video below) written by a once-famous Canadian pop sensation, which Marianne Williamson got over the weekend, courtesy of Alanis Morissette.

Morissette is famous for redefining the word “irony” with her 1996 alt-rock hit, “Ironic.” (She later played God in Kevin Smith's train wreck of a movie, Dogma.) Williamson is famous for teaching A Course in Miracles to millions of spiritually thirsty bourgeoise men and women. She's now running for the Congressional seat being vacated by veteran pol Henry Waxman, against roughly 7,000 candidates including National Public Radio personality Matt Miller, former City Controller Wendy Greuel and state Sen. Ted Lieu.

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And so it is in the proud tradition of Irwin Silber's Tippecanoe and Tyler Too, the Kingston Trio's M.T.A. and of course, Will.I.Am's Yes We Can that Morissette follows with her ballad, “Today.” 

According to Williamson's website the genesis of the song dates back to several weeks ago, when, at a campaign event, a woman in the audience asked Morissette if she would write a paean to the long-shot candidate.

Replied Morissette: “Sure!”

“Now, true to her word, Alanis Morissette has produced a masterpiece,” writes Williamson, positively reviewing the song about herself. “I have never heard a song more powerfully describe this moment in our history.” Williamson has clearly not yet heard “Talk Dirty.”

A snippet of lyrics from Morissette:

I'm going down, down, down
I'm going down, down, down

Unless we start a revolution
Awaken from this frozen
Start the mending of our union
'less we revive this constitution
From sure disintegration
Live out this revelation

Can the song give Williamson the boost she needs to come in first or second in the June 3 primary and make it into the runoff? Perez Hilton, writing on his namesake website, thinks so:

“If anyone's vocals can recruit us on Marianne's team, it's Alanis' gripping chords! Gurlfriend can endorse us any day if it comes with a personalized tune as beautiful as this one!”

Williamson has received a slew of celebrity endorsements, including Eva Longoria (of Desperate Housewives fame), Jane Lynch (of Glee fame) and even Nicole Richie (of fame), who bravely said in a video interview, “The children of America are our future.” 

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