The HIV/AIDS advocacy group that brings you those condom and HIV-testing billboards all over Los Angeles turned 25 over the weekend, as first reported by LGBT POV.

Founded by the feisty Michael Weinstein, AIDS Healthcare Foundation has been on the front lines of battling HIV/AIDS since 1987 — a period of time when AIDS was devastating the gay community.

Based in Los Angeles, the organization has become the largest HIV/AIDS medical provider in the United States and has gone global over the years, working in 22 countries.

The hard-charging Weinstein saw himself depicted as a “Condom Nazi” on posters that made their way around West Hollywood bars — in 2000, he tried to get West Hollywood politicians to force bar and restaurant owners to distribute condoms. He lost that political battle.

He also took on the porn industry in Los Angeles, pushing to make it mandatory for porn stars to wear condoms during film shoots. He recently won that one.

Weinstein's aggressive ways have also brought important HIV testing and medical care to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and countries south of the American border.

“AHF doesn't give up on an issue,” Weinstein told L.A. Weekly a couple of years ago. Porn industry producers, politicians, and anyone else who has clashed with him certainly know that's true.

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