Be careful leaving bottles of Agwa around. The new, mint-green liqueur made from coca leaves that are grown in Bolivia then processed and bottled in Amsterdam, looks and tastes remarkably similar to mouthwash.

Perhaps you're a dental hygienist who wants to bring a taste of the office to happy hour; in that case, Agwa is perfect for you. Maybe you've run out of Listerine; another valid use for Agwa. As a straight shot of alcohol, however, I don't think I could get it down — and I say that as someone who once swallowed a shot of pine brandy (granted, I eventually puked it up).

Even more remarkable than the sharp, sweet flavor of Agwa is its amazing resistance to being mixed. Agwa is not a liqueur that plays well with others. Not even Mountain Dew could make it palatable, though it did excuse the noxious green color.

LA Weekly