It's not a good week for conservative talk show hosts at L.A.'s KFI AM 640. After John & Ken called the late Whitney Houston a “crack ho” a few weeks back, the nationally syndicated talker Rush Limbaugh called a birth control proponent a slut and a prostitute.

As such, John & Ken were suspended, and Limbaugh has apologized twice. After the John & Ken episode they went missing from a nightly segment on KTLA News called “Driving it Home.”

Now it's not clear if they'll ever return:

Sources tell LA Weekly that the duo will not, as previously reported, be back on the air tonight at KTLA News.

A spokesman for the pair confirmed the duo is not coming back to KTLA tonight and indicated that it's not clear when they will return.

While John & Ken's vitriol and humor has found a strong audience on AM radio, it might be a bit too much for a straight news program on TV.

Credit: KFI

Credit: KFI

(The KTLA segment weeknights at at 6:15 and 6:40 p.m. had them giving their opinions on things like illegal immigration and L.A.'s Latino mayor, but they appeared to refrain from using some of the stronger language that is a hallmark of their radio show).

The duo got into hot water with an African American media coalition after it called Whitney Houston a “crack ho” three days after her death in Beverly Hills last month.

The radio station met with coalition leaders and promised diversity training and tweaked content that would reflect a wider audience.

We've called KTLA News executives, but it appears they're not talking.

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