A fight between Hollywood Boulevard's surly superheroes Tuesday was caught on video (see it below), and now one fed-up L.A. City Council member wants to crack down.

Tony Arranaga, spokesman for Hollywood-based Councilman Mitch O'Farrell, confirmed to us the news that his boss was working on a council proposal to address the masked mayhem, but details were not available.

It's going to be an uphill battle to fight with the comic-book and blockbuster-inspired men and women who roam the Walk of Fame in search of tips from tourists with cameras.


The street entertainers, sometimes accused of aggressively soliciting tips and occasionally beefing with each other, have long been a thorn in the side of city authorities who want out-of-towners to have a worry free experience on L.A.'s most visited street.

But in 2010 a federal judge's ruling limited what officials can do about them. The LAPD had essentially banned the superheroes from the area, but U.S. District Judge Dean D. Dean Pregerson said the move violated the characters' free-speech rights.

Back they came.

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On Tuesday a camera person from filmon.com captured a multi-character fight at Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, the epicenter of the local tourist scene.

Here's the site's account of what allegedly happened:

Incredible footage from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame showing Chewbacca breaking up a fight between Mr Incredible and Batgirl …

… Freddy Krueger and Wally – from the “Where’s Wally” series – also got involved in order to stop Mr Incredible, who appears to be on a rampage outside the TCL Chinese theatre.

In the second part of the clip Mr Incredible manages wriggle himself away from everyone before he starts to sprint towards Batgirl. When he body-slams her to the ground, one of the many shocked pedestrians gets actively involved as he realizes a man just violently assaulted a woman.

Los Angeles police are investigating the incident. Some of those characters could end up being the subjects of assault accusations. Or not.

But applying the law to the superheroes as a group might be difficult. The city will need a super lawyer for that.

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