Lindsay Lohan has been threatening to leave Los Angeles for quite some time, but now it looks like she's finally going to do it. After she wraps up her stint in rehab at UCLA Lohan is headed to New York for good, says her mom, Dina Lohan.

The elder Lohan made the comments to NBC over the weekend. A change of scenery no doubt would be good for L.A.'s number-one party girl, but we're wondering if she's thought this all the way through:

-New York doesn't have its own bad influences, a.k.a. celebrity party people?

-They don't have cocaine in New York?

-You can't drink and drive in the Big Apple?

Regarding that last one, it's true that it's easier to get around Manhattan without a set of wheels. But we have a hard time seeing Lohan on the subway or in a yellow cab. Town car drivers, start your engines.

Interestingly, Lady Gaga told Vanity Fair for its latest issue that she too is leaving L.A. after calling Bel-Air home for the last few years (good ones at that, huh?). “Everyone in Hollywood is so awful, and awful to me,” the pop singer told the magazine. “Everyone just wants you to fail.”

Is anyone else leaving L.A? One more and it's a trend. (And, somehow, we don't mind).

LA Weekly