We're putting this one in our fat “City Hall, W.T.F?” file: We wrote last month about how the City of L.A. desperate for a onetime injection of cash to keep its its balance sheet from breaking red, sold off the 50-year rights to many of its most lucrative parking lots. It was a shortsighted move that will have a future generation pay for this City Council's inability to make hard choices about L.A.'s budget.

Now comes word that City Hall is making the opposite move when it comes to its golf-cart concessions at city courses. L.A. is getting into the golf cart biz, with plans to hire Service Employees International Union Local 721 members to run the carts. Really?

Instead of going with a concessionaire that knows what it's doing, City Hall's going to spend scarce resources hiring and training folks how to properly scoot mini cars around grassy hills. Really.

After nearly a year of dire warnings about deep, structural changes that would be needed to get the city's runaway budgets in order, L.A. is expanding its bureaucracy? Really? After seeing public libraries close Sundays and Mondays, the city is hiring? Really?

Ugh. Maybe the council will vote to allow all those children locked out of libraries to take free rides in those city run carts.

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