The restaurant game is notoriously risky, and there's nothing sadder than someone sinking a lifetime's worth of passion and money into a project just to see it fall apart. If that's the position you're in, a production company launching a new TV show wants to help. 

The unnamed show comes from the producers of Bar Rescue and Hungry Investors, and is looking for restaurants on the brink of closing. Candidates chosen for the show will have one night to impress a group of established investors and show that their place is worth saving. Think of it like Big Night, but the dudes with the money actually show up. 


Producers are open to working with restaurants that have already closed and would like to reopen, but only if the restaurant space is still available to shoot come mid-January.

If you own a restaurant that's struggling, or if you know of a place that is in danger of closing, email details to 

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