Okay, ravers: You got your Ecstasy. You got your special K. You have GHB. Some of you even have PMMA (aka paramethoxymethamphetamine or Doctor Death — nice).

But just in case you didn't know, you can now huff powdered caffeine. Yeah, the product AeroShot gives you a large cup of coffee's worth of stimulant in a small, lipstick-sized container that you use to inhale a fine, non-Bolivian powder.

Thanks to U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, if you didn't know, now you do:

In a single-handed move the politician put the product on the map and noted its availability as a potential club drug. (And L.A. is the club drug capital of America, if you ask us.)

Thanks, Chuck.

Credit: Charles Schumer / Facebook / CBS

Credit: Charles Schumer / Facebook / CBS

He asked the FDA to step in and review the otherwise legal supplement (which the FDA says it will now do), saying:

I am worried about how a product like this impacts kids and teens, who are particularly vulnerable to overusing a product that allows one to take hit after hit after hit, in rapid succession.

Schumer suggested AeroShot could be used in conjunction with alcohol (a la Four Loko's old, controversial alcohol-and-caffeine formula), thus inspiring every 21-year-old in America to now attempt to use AeroShot in conjunction with alcohol.

(Once again, thanks Chuck.)

He stated:

We need to make sure that AeroShot does not become the next Four Loko by facilitating dangerous levels of drinking among teenagers and college students.

Don't bogart the AeroShot.; Credit: Breathable Foods

Don't bogart the AeroShot.; Credit: Breathable Foods

Tom Hadfield, CEO of AeroShot's parent company, Breathable Foods (cool name, but not as cool as Breathable Drugs), stated over the weekend (PDF):

We will cooperate fully with the FDA's review to address the issues raised by Sen. Schumer and are confident that it will conclude that AeroShot is a safe, effective product that complies with FDA regulations.

He noted that AeroShot gives you vitamin B, too, and that the company only recommends a max of three shots a day, which is surely enough to get you through your next rave.

But seriously, you just know Hadfield is secretly thanking Schumer for all the free press. Every teenager from here to New York is going to want to grab a couple of these $2.99 products and see how legally cracked out they can get.

Unfortunately it's not available yet at California stores, but you can buy it online (and we know you will).

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