Where have we heard this before? AEG bigwig Tim Leiweke announced in today's Times that if the L.A. City Council doesn't agree to an NFL stadium in two months, the deal is dead.

“We will know by July 31, one way or the other,” Leiweke said.

Hm. Remember back in December, when Leiweke said there would be a deal within three months?

Speaking at the Central City Association, Leiweke said, “We're going to give this our best shot in the next two to three months… We're not going to hang around for 10 years.”

That would have put the deadline sometime in March. If the city couldn't approve the deal, he said, “We won't do this and we'll move on.”

Well, the March deadline has come and gone without an agreement, and AEG hasn't moved on. Based on that, it's hard to take the July 31 deadline especially seriously.

But give Leiweke credit for this much. The ultimatums are getting shorter. First it was three months. Now it's two months. When the July 31 deadline passes with no action, he'll probably draw a new line in the sand.

Definitely by September.

LA Weekly