Curbed L.A. has a report

about Sunday's protest by anti-billboard activists at the Brentwood

home of Frank Rahban. He is the owner of several buildings in L.A. that have become giant easels on which vinyl supergraphics

ads have been draped. The Rahban-owned office building at 10801 National Boulevard has become especially controversial — some landscaping trees have been cut down, allegedly, so that the ads, manufactured by World Wide Rush, are visible to drivers on the nearby Santa Monica Freeway. In one wry coup de theatre Sunday, a large reproduction of one of those

ads, for Tropicana juice, was parked at the protest site on North

Bristol Avenue.

The demonstrators were no black-hooded anarchists but

homeowners who live near Rahban's office buildings. They were organized

by Barbara Broide, President of the Westwood South of Santa Monica

Homeowners, and a board member of the Coalition to Ban Billboard

Blight. At one point during the protest, Rahban emerged from his

driveway inside a Mercedes Benz and sped away as demonstrators called

out, “Shame on you!”

LA Weekly