Advent Project Brings Dante’s Divine Comedy to NFT and Crypto

Since they broke into the limelight, cryptocurrencies and NFTs have continued attracting a lot of public attention. We have seen more people invest in these novel technologies in the last two to three years. We have also seen many projects appear with each trying to offer something different and bring change to these spaces. One such project that was developed recently and brought a totally new angle to NFT and crypto is Advent.

Advent project is an NFT collection of devils varying in rarity and visuals. It is one of the first comedy NFT collections based on the Italian narrative poem Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri.

Like in the narrative poem, the Advent project is focused on exploring the afterlife and the world of the unknown, with the only difference being that it gives users an opportunity to be part of this incredible journey from the start. According to Travis Scott and Jensen Ackles, the brains behind Advent, their goal with their NFT collection is to provide everyone with an opportunity to get acquainted with their NFTs as they create more opportunities for the holders.

Advent is creating an adventure in the NFT and crypto spaces and opening the window to the world of the unknown where everyone can be anything they want. They are offering exclusive deals to their users, including free access to parties and direct participation in the visual component of the next stages of the project.

Advent is providing its users with an opportunity to be part of their life party in Dubai. The team is also looking to launch a drawing competition where fellow artists can auction their work in closed crypto auctions as they share their stories with the rest of the world.

Advent is based on a comedy that has sparked a lot of interest in the past and has given Travis and Jensen an upper hand. It has helped Advent Project gain a lot of attention from various players and build a solid online community where anyone can be part of the team.

Advent is a one-of-a-kind collection where everyone can find something familiar in this story and the character for themselves. The story consists of 9 major parts, each representing one of the hell’s circles and a new story for the main character, Abaddon.

The team behind Advent explains that Abaddon will face fresh challenges along the way, which will help the character achieve full maturity and take on the job. These challenges will present new opportunities to the holders, such as exclusive drops, raffles, VIP parties, and the chance to participate and be heard in future projects.

We are all struggling with different demons. As Advent continues to change the crypto and NFT spaces, this unique collection is helping everyone fight these demons and become better. They have built a project that exists in a different dimension but allows anyone to be part of their puzzle. Together, they will find a solution.

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