Podcast blowhard and onetime Dancing With The Stars loser Adam Carolla is no fan of the Philippines, same-sex parents, and Hawaiians, as his would-be assassins listeners know. L.A.'s mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa, is also on that list, apparently.

Carolla rips into the mayor and the City Council in the latest issue of Los Angeles magazine, blaming them for “f—— it up” when it comes to an otherwise naturally beautiful place.

He says the city has become all about “potholes and a-holes.” But wait, there's more …

… so here's the money quote:

” … The school system is unusable, the traffic is horrible, businesses are fleeing. I don't give credit to Villaraigosa or the City Council for the mountains or the oceans.”

We don't always agree with Carolla's rants, which sometimes come off as racist (in a working-class, he's-still-somehow-down sort of way). And it's hard to blame the current City Hall leadership for all that is wrong with L.A. The recession didn't necessarily start at First and Main streets.

Still, Carolla has a point. And if City Hall would at least focus on the potholes (instead of photo ops and easy votes), the a-holes would be a little bit easier to deal with.

[Sorry folks, the quote, from the feature “LA Stories,” is not online. They want you to go to the newsstand and buy the hardcopy version].

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