Comedian Adam Carolla — of radio, TV and podcast fame — made a contribution to Eric Garcetti's mayoral bid back in April.

But don't take that as an endorsement. In fact, in a recent podcast segment, it became clear that Carolla has no idea who Garcetti is.

Once he figures it all out, Carolla likely won't be voting for him. That's because Garcetti is a former council president, and Carolla believes that City Hall needs “a complete fucking douching.”

Carolla's thoughts on local politics emerged in a colloquy with Kevin James, a former radio host and the lone Republican in the mayoral field.

First off, Carolla — who has also identified as a Republican — made it clear he has no love for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, whom he described as a “fucking moron” who “does nothing” and has “a look of a sociopath.”

“This man's an incompetent retard and the only reason he's anywhere is because we think he's Mexican or he is Mexican,” Carolla opined. “It's the most racist thing in the world. He's running on his race. He's an incompetent idiot… He brings nothing to the table.”

Then, Carolla asked James about the mayoral field:

Carolla: Who in that group has a Hispanic surname, and will be voted in solely based on that to fuck up the city for another eight years? …
James: There's no prominent Hispanic in the race.
Carolla: Oh good, we stand a chance then.
James: You've got Garcetti, Greuel, Perry and myself.
Carolla: Oh. Gil Garcetti.
James: Gil's son.
Carolla: Oh, is it Gil's son?

The podcast was posted on July 29. Three months earlier, on April 17, Carolla cut a $250 check to Eric Garcetti.

So what explains this? Jimmy Kimmel, Carolla's former TV co-host, hosted a fundraiser for Garcetti back on April 21. Seems possible that Kimmel got Carolla to write a check without explaining what it was for. Or maybe Carolla just forgot.

Either way, Carolla essentially endorsed James in the podcast, saying of the others that they “have much experience of running a city into the ground, now get the fuck out of the way.”

As of the last filing deadline, however, Carolla had yet to contribute to the James campaign.

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