Podcaster and onetime Dancing With The Stars contestant Adam Carolla had some harsh things to say about the leadership of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and his City Council cohorts in a recent piece in Los Angeles magazine.

We said that Carolla has a point, even if some of his past podcast and radio-show comments have come off as racist.

In response, our commenter of the day, Seattlite, gave us a little dose of the old there's-a-little-truth-behind-every-stereotype pill:

There's a fine line between racist comments and telling it how it is. When the truth hits too close to home and someone gets offended, its “racist”. I've never been offended by anything he's had to say. I've been shocked that he's said it- but really, nothing he has to say is off-base or “wrong” LA sucks. LA should know that. Any city that has barbed-wire around its street signs needs to take a good hard look in the graffiti'd mirror. Don't blame this on the recession- Adam Carolla has been complaining about this for 10+ years. With the highest taxes in the nation, there is no reason LA school districts should have the worst public schools. PERIOD.

Get it together! You're a disgraceful city.

For the record, we love L.A., even as-is. And we're fans of Carolla. Except when he's bashing Mexicans. And Asians. White people are okay to denigrate. But only if they're rich.

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