The Academy Awards is an economic engine, and crime appears to be one of the small side industries it fuels.

The LAPD tells the Weekly seven people were arrested on the red carpet at last night's awards in Hollywood, including the infamous collar of actress Sean Young, who allegedly got into an altercation with security at the adjacent Governor's Ball.

The other arrestees included:

-Ran Monchez, for allegedly entering property (said red carpet) not open to the public.

-Dontrell Williams (see above).

-Jamiyah Anderson for allegedly trying to get on the red carpet with fraudulent credentials.

-Sisters Maria and Beatriz Aguirre (see above).

-And, saving our biggest allegation for last, Kenneth Wilburn for allegedly snatching a purse.

Give yourselves a big round of applause.

We'd personally like to thank Officer Karen Rayner of the LAPD for giving us this information.

See you on the red carpet next year.

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