As far as we can tell, no one is very excited about much of the programming the major networks are launching this coming fall. But in an already sad lineup, one show stands out as having the potential to be stunningly bad: Mixology, the new comedy from ABC.

The new series is apparently written by some of the writers of The Hangover, and follows a bunch of people in a New York bar over the course of one night. Yes, as in, the entire season takes place over one night in one bar. It's like 24, but instead of high stakes drama we learn scintillating facts, like how women who wear flats don't like sex — or something.

As for the title, it looks as though one of the characters is here to perpetuate the stereotype of a dickish, hot, player bartender who fucks all the cocktail waitresses but can't remember their names.

Seriously. This show looks godawful. Oh, and I guess Ryan Seacrest is an executive producer? Which explains a lot.

At least maybe it will discourage folks from calling themselves “mixologists,” just because they in no way want to be associated with this drivel. “Bartender” is a perfectly good, honest and respectable word and profession.

Watch the trailer for Mixology below.

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