Aahana Pereira Talks Advertising and Living Out of Her Comfort Zone

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In the sphere of creative copywriting, Aahana Pereira has emerged as a global powerhouse. The diversity of her cultural exposure, coupled with an innate understanding of the human mind, is uniquely encapsulated in each of her creative pursuits. A native of Mumbai, India, she transcended geographical boundaries to lend her creative genius to brands in Asia and America, earning a revered spot in the global advertising panorama.

In her illustrious career, Aahana has added a range of accolades to her name, spanning from Markies Awards to multiple film festivals for the Chypre Film. Her creative journey, fuelled by the inspiration drawn from advertising legends like John Caples, David Abbot, and David Ogilvy, led her to work in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Shanghai, New York, and LA.

Though successful, her story is not one of smooth sailing but rather a testimony of constant learning, evolving, and conquering challenges. She candidly shares that innovation—though rewarding—often means treading uncharted territories and wrestling with creative blocks. In these instances, her technique involves delving into other creatives’ work, seeking insights from different product categories, and continuously pushing the envelope for “fresh and interesting.”

One such testimony of Aahana’s creative acumen is her project with Daniel Wellington Watches, an accomplishment she considers a milestone in her professional career. Her creative journey with this brand underscores her unique approach to developing compelling and memorable ad campaigns, understanding cultural nuances, and bridging the gap between advertising and entertainment.

Aahana’s venture with Daniel Wellington Watches fortified her status as an influential creative. Tasked with curating a series of commercials, she infused a blend of cultural nuances and universal emotions into her work. The Diwali commercial showcased the Indian Festival of Lights with a heartwarming twist around gifting.

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She wove the essence of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, into an emotive tale. Radhika Apte’s character dazzles on the screen—and in our hearts—with the anticipation of this festive holiday. When the lights flicker out, Ayushmann Khuranna’s character illuminates her world with the gift of a watch. The Iconic Motion ad leveraged the charisma of Bollywood’s Ayushmann Khurrana in a metaphorical narrative about self-motivation. The gift symbolized the power of light over darkness and proves that, in time, there are moments that make life beautiful.

Aside from her renowned work with Daniel Wellington, Aahana’s project portfolio exhibits impressive diversity. For instance, her work on the Qantas campaign “Meet the Sydneyporeans” won her multiple accolades at the Markies Singapore Awards in both 2018 and 2019. The campaign brilliantly integrated multiple media channels and showcased Aahana’s ability to craft highly engaging narratives for TV and video. Moreover, her newest work on the Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection campaign highlights her capacity for effective storytelling.

She worked as a copywriter on this project with the LA-based ad agency High, Wide & Handsome. Nine total spots were launched on TV, digital and social media channels.

Aahana’s success is an intriguing blend of innovative versatility and her ability to understand and translate cultures. She continues to establish a legacy, enhancing the brands she works with and inspiring budding creatives worldwide.

Aahana candidly shares her aspirations to evolve into both a creator and storyteller. The global advertising industry eagerly awaits her future exploits as she continues to break boundaries and redefine the narrative landscape.

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