Danny Carter is a go-go dancer at one of L.A.’s hottest gay clubs. Every night he gets black-out drunk, twerks on a box for six hours, wearing less than a Speedo, then wakes up in bed with a stranger. He’s living the dream! Until … he turns the big 3-0 and gets the boot.

Go-Go Boy Interrupted is a new web series written by and starring Groundlings Sunday Company member Jimmy Fowlie, a former go-go dancer at L.A.’s TigerHeat, where the show was filmed. It follows Danny’s journey as he attempts to overcome his narcissism, alcoholism and general lack of marketable skills.


The show is a hilarious roller coaster of over-the-top characters. Director Jordan Black, creator of the Groundlings show The Black Version, is adept at navigating the line between stereotypes and satire.

Although the audience ultimately roots for Danny, he is definitely an antihero. He’s obnoxious, bordering on racist, and often embodies stereotypes that might make you cringe. But he’s also a multifaceted, charming guy you love to hate.

So are we ready for the Hannah Horvath of the go-go scene? Fowlie thinks so.

“There have been so many gay sidekicks that twirl onto the screen, say something sassy and then dance off,” he says. “Those roles are great — basically the only ones I audition for. But for me, I love digging deeper into what these people want and what their weaknesses are.

“I thought of Danny as kind of like Cher from Clueless,” he adds. “Even though he’s a dumb, superficial party boy, he has a good heart.” 

You can watch Go-Go Boy Interrupted at GoGoBoyInterrupted.com. Check out Stephanie’s full interview with Jimmie Fowlie about creating the show on her blog, TangledWebWeWatch.com.

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