A Visual Tour of Mh Zh in Silver Lake

"Lamb ragoooooo""Lamb ragoooooo""Lamb ragoooooo""Lamb ragoooooo"Chef de cuisine Jayro Martinez"Lamb ragoooooo"French boogie"Lamb ragoooooo"Grilled beet"Lamb ragoooooo"labneh"Lamb ragoooooo"Sliced bread close up"Lamb ragoooooo"Writing the nightly menu"Lamb ragoooooo"Interior view of Mh Zh"Lamb ragoooooo"Really hot coals"Lamb ragoooooo"Hummus with pickled vegetables at Mh Zh"Lamb ragoooooo"Owner-chef Conor Shemtov writing his business card"Lamb ragoooooo"Fresh loaves"Lamb ragoooooo"Potato with charred lemon"Lamb ragoooooo"Chef de cuisine Jayro Martinez"Lamb ragoooooo"chef/owner Conor Shemtov and sous chef Manuel Contreras"Lamb ragoooooo"For delivering the check"Lamb ragoooooo"Detail of the "lamb ragoooooo""Lamb ragoooooo"Outdoor seating at Mh Zh"Lamb ragoooooo"Ingredients"Lamb ragoooooo"Polaroids on display"Lamb ragoooooo"Frisee with duqqah and aged English cheddar"Lamb ragoooooo"LPs on display"Lamb ragoooooo"One of two table areas"Lamb ragoooooo"A can for utensils"Lamb ragoooooo"First customer of the day"Lamb ragoooooo"

Aside from the hours-long line for Howlin' Ray's, the most easily derided wait for a table (or stool) in L.A. these days is the one being endured by the crowd at the door of Mh Zh. Don't have time to wait in line? Let us show you what you're missing … Read Besha Rodell's full review.

Photos by Anne Fishbein.

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