Many parents have found themselves struggling to explain to their child why they have to wear pants in public or why they cannot have another cookie. But only one man made a web series about it.

In May, Canadian filmmaker Matthew Clarke and director Darshan Rickhi launched their web series Conversations With My 2 Year Old with the hilarious conceit that in each true-to-life episode, Clarke's daughter Coco is played by a full grown man.

“One day I sort of stepped back from one of these conversations [with her] and thought, 'If she were an adult she'd be escorted out of the building right now, but because she's 3 feet tall and adorable, nobody blinks an eye,” said Clarke in an interview about his moment of inspiration.

It's hilarious to watch David Milchard (Coco) and Clarke (who plays himself) converse casually about whether Milchard has or has not pooped his pants. But in addition, thanks to scruffy, soulful-eyed Milchard's delightfully matter-of-fact performance as Coco, we get a rare glimpse into the two-year-old's side of things. The seriousness with which he informs Clarke that his wife is NOT his wife right now, but rather a princess, lends gravitas to the very real efforts of two-year-olds to wield power and autonomy in a world full of giants.

Clarke admits the show and its success have affected his parenting…for the better. “Stepping back and acknowledging the absurdity of it all makes you appreciate it. Also, it helps me recognize that this won't last forever. This is a magical but fleeting time, so it's important to cherish it.”

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