This affectionate spoof of The Brady Bunch is truly a family affair. Sherwood Schwartz, creator of the original series, serves here as executive producer while his son Lloyd J. Schwartz directs. The book was written by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Hope Juber, who, with her husband, Laurence Juber, wrote the peppy music and lyrics. Everything that’s endearing about the TV show is here: Mike (John Cygan) wanders off into tangled aphorisms, the kids constantly “go ask Alice” (Kathy Garrick) for advice, and Marcia (Erin Holt) habitually brushes her golden locks. Through a misunderstanding, the children think Mike and Carol (Barbara Mallory) are getting a divorce, so they secretly try to raise money to send them to therapy. As a result, Greg (Elliot Kevin Schwartz) gets arrested for bank robbery, Marcia for prostitution, and so on. But it’s all straightened out in typical Brady style. The other offspring are well played by Justin Meloni, Laura Marion, Adam Conger, and Kelly Stables, who has expertly captured Cindy’s near-impenetrable lisp. The multifunctional candy-colored set by Daniel Keogh, Joseph M. Altadonna and Richard De Siato includes a ministairway so that the six kids can strike the iconic pose from the TV-show opening. Kudos as well for choreographer Paul Denniston and costume designer Diana Marion. Theater
Fridays, Saturdays, 8 p.m.; Sundays, 2 p.m. Starts: June 6. Continues through Aug. 10, 2008

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