It's pretty hip these days to start a restaurant where vegetables are the highlight of the menu. But Los Angeles has a long history of eateries that celebrate greens and vegetal bounty from local farms. With our health-conscious vibe and plethora of global cuisine, eating meatless dishes is easy in our city. Here are some vegetarian-friendly restaurants in L.A. that won't make you miss meat.  

L.A.'s Most Instagrammable Hideaway Serves Food Beyond Convention
If you wanted to present a case study for the drastic revolution in the rules of the restaurant business, you might use the recent career of chef Jordan Kahn as Exhibit A. Specifically, you might compare and contrast his last venture — the flashy, ambitious Red Medicine — with his new restaurant, Destroyer.

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Erven's marketplace salads: broccoli "chopped salad," hominy ceviche-style, romanesco; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Erven's marketplace salads: broccoli “chopped salad,” hominy ceviche-style, romanesco; Credit: Anne Fishbein

A Promising Young Chef Gives Up Meat and Dairy, to Mixed Effect
Erven is the Santa Monica restaurant that employs the hashtag (on its website and elsewhere) #coincidentallyvegan. The place is named for its chef, Nick Erven, who captured our attention a couple of years back at Saint Martha in Koreatown.

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Dune and Elf Bring Vegetable-Forward Cuisine to Northeast L.A.
Elf continues to serve inspired fare with cooking steeped in Moroccan, Indian and continental European traditions. It’s a meatless restaurant, not that it matters. The menu at Dune, the tiny counter-service Mediterranean operation from the owners of Elf Cafe, has expanded over the past year. Along with the falafel and the lamb meatball sandwich, you now can get chicken shawarma, or a mezze plate, or even avocado toast. But mainly you’re here for the falafel.

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