If your spider-sense has been tingling lately it's because, today, The Amazing Spider-Man brings everyone's favorite arachnoid dude back to theaters. But while not everyone's looking forward to this Tobey Maguire-less incarnation, it does present an excellent opportunity to revisit the Spider-Man theme song, which is easily the best in all of superherodom. In fact, the song has quite a bit of history, that somehow includes the Ramones, Timbaland and Pauly Shore. Here it is, in chronological order.

Theme From Spider-Man 1967

Our story begins with a collaboration between Oscar and Grammy winning lyricist Paul Francis Webster and Lolita composer J. Robert Harris for the hero's 1967 cartoon show. Marvel's '60s cartoons have become known for their catchy theme songs, and as you're about to see, Spidey's stuck with lots of folks over the years.

Ramones – “Spider-Man” 1995

Seeing as the Spider-Man theme is such great Americana, it's clear why the Ramones were attracted to it. It's the final track on the U.S. release of their final album Adios Amigos, and its video (directed by Dayton and Faris, inspired by '60s animation) defined the aesthetic of the group's last run, including their final show where the song made it into the setlist.

Bio-Dome 1996

During an inspired moment in the Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin blockbuster Bio-Dome, our stars memorably confuse the web-slinger's lyrics with another superhero.

Timbaland featuring Magoo & Missy Elliot – “Here We Come” 1998

Superproducer Timbaland was in the middle of his first hot streak in the late-'90s when he decided to take a crack at channeling the Spider-Man theme for the lead single off of his debut solo album Tim's Bio: Live From Da Bassment. The video's comic-panel editing actually predates the Ang Lee Hulk film, and even Aaliyah shows up at the end.

Apollo 440 – “Theme From Spider-Man (Remix)” 2000

By the year 2000, technology had finally reached a point where it could give us a truly great Spider-Man game, and with it came the need for music. While Mr. Big's “Swing Time” theme for Spidey's 1993 Sega-CD venture is cool, Apollo 440 (of “Can't Stop the Rock” fame) produced an update of the original Spider-Man theme that fit the game perfectly. Punk group The Distillers also took a shot at the theme for the game's sequel.

Michael Bublé – “Spiderman Theme” 2001

Originally recorded for his 2001 album BaBalu, Michael Bublé's rendition of Spidey's theme became a top ten hit in Canada and was included in the credits of Spider-Man 2.

Aerosmith – “Theme from Spider-Man” 2002

While the song most people associate with the original Spider-Man movie is the Chad Kroeger-Josey Scott duet “Hero,” lifelong Spidey fan Joe Perry made a Spider-Man song for the second time by recruiting his band Aerosmith to recreate the original theme for the film's soundtrack. Our favorite rendition of the song from the original movie trilogy has to be the Flaming Lips' complete re-imagination of it as a tale of boxing great Muhammad Ali teaching Peter Parker how to love.

“Spider-Pig” 2007

Spidey's theme even made an impact in Springfield, as seen here in our favorite moment from The Simpsons Movie where Homer re-appropriates it for his new four-legged friend.

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