Remember Horst Simco, that quiet suburban Texas boy who somehow became Riff Raff? His forever-delayed album Neon Icon still has not seen release, but he's finding other ways to stay entrepreneurial. 

We'll assume by now you've sampled the Jody Highroller marijuana strain, but it gets better: You now have the chance to purchase goods from Riff Raff vending machines. What do they sell? Candy and glow-in-the-dark condoms, of course. 
The machines' manufacturer is Houston-based Candyman Vending, whose owner Andre Bramwell says that the machines – which feature Riff Raff's dog Jody Husky and some poor baby on the side – have already been doing a brisk business. (Riff Raff's Instagram plug no doubt helped.)

“The main customers have been strip clubs,” he says, and the focus is now on those establishments and college dorms. For reasons of logistics, only businesses located in the Houston and Austin areas will be able to get machines stocked with candy. (Riff Raff says he will personally select the candy choices each month, though we highly doubt this is true.)

Everyone else can get machines stocked with the condoms, gear from Riff Raff's Neff clothing brand, a still-in-the-works “neon Riff Raff phone charger” and, when/if it ever comes out, Neon Icon.

Riff Raff's partnership with Bramwell is a curious one, considering that the pair had a public falling out. As we reported last year:

Bramwell accuses Riff Raff and his brother of accepting $300 to design his MySpace page and failing to follow through. “They just took the money and ran,” he says.

At the time, Riff Raff had no comment on the accusation, but it sounds like he came clean. “He hit me up on Twitter and asked if he owed me any money, and then we solved everything financially from there,” Bramwell says. “That's when he said we should make the Riff Raff machines.”

In any case, we're glad they mended their fences, because these machines are clearly pieces of art. (Bramwell's version depicting Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is pretty awesome too.)

Interested? They're free to colleges, Bramwell says, and anyone else can rent or purchase one. Only 4,500 bucks! Cheap, and looks great in a champagne room. 

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