Patricia Tsai is a bit of a role model. As we discovered in part 1 and part 2 of our interview with the chocolatier and owner of Chocovivo, Tsai persevered through extraordinary events in order to do what drives her — make bean-to-bar chocolate in the most honest of ways. Her chocolate is simple and untempered, emphasizing the nuances in the flavors of her sustainably farmed beans. So it's no surprise that her recipe for Chocolate and Cheese on Bread is of a similar fashion. A perfect fit, no less, for an appetizer this New Year's Eve. Pair that with a sparkling, recommended by LA's Natural Wine dude, Lou Amdur, and it sounds like a very pleasant New Year's indeed.

Chocolate + Bread + Cheese Recipe

From: Patricia Tsai of Chocovivo

Serves: 1

1 slice of bread (pain au levain, or something similar)

1 piece of Chocovivo chocolate

fresh fruit of your choice, like a fig, or berries

cheese of your choice (we recommend cheddar, goat, or a crumbled blue like Gorgonzola)

1. Take a piece of artisan bread and lay a piece of Chocovivo's chocolate on top of the bread.

2. Place bread and chocolate in toaster oven and lightly toast for approximately 30 seconds. Chocolate can burn so keep an eye on it.

3. Chocolate will come out like softened butter. Spread chocolate with a knife to coat the rest of the bread or just leave it as is – a beautiful piece of melted chocolate.

4. Add the fruit and cheese atop your chocolate and bread.

5. Enjoy!

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