Update: Jørgensen has sent in his self portrait, which you can see at the bottom of the post.

Not too long ago I received an email from a friendly Danish man (is there any other kind) named Christian Jørgensen, whose judgment I immediately trusted because of the slash through his 'o.' But that was not the right assessment. He asked me to publish some pictures of a man he'd met “on a travel to the Americas” a couple of years ago, more specifically to the Amazon rainforest.

The man, he said, was Snoop Dogg. The only problem is, as you can clearly see above and below, the man was not Snoop Dogg.

Not Snoop; Credit: Christian Jørgensen

Not Snoop; Credit: Christian Jørgensen

Honest mistake, I suppose, considering they all look the same to Danes (j/k), but it appears that this ersatz Doggfather goes to great lengths to fool people.

I'll let Jørgensen, who calls himself a “keen Ajahuascatarien” (I think that's slang for “exotic drug tourist”) pick up the story from here.

A US citizen arrived to the Amazon in a private jet along with two bodyguards. He was loaded with cash and called himself Snoop Dogg. Actually in the Amazon he wanted to be known as JUANITO.

He stayed for 5 days in the house of a family who specializes in the jungle medicine of Ayahuasca, and this was the purpose of his visit. At first his intention was to stay only two -three days but the experience of the medicine was so profound he stayed for in all three ceremonies.

He sent away the bodyguards (both were armed with pistols and you name it) after two days, and stayed in the family house just with the family. He had whiskey in barrels and marijuana in pounds. The family were scared sick of him when in the evenings he had whiskey and showed off his knives.

The ayahuasca however did him good and after some time he began relaxing. He ate with the family and shared their worries and anticipations. He even proposed to the daughter, but she refused him.

Neither of these people are Snoop Dogg; Credit: Christian Jørgensen

Neither of these people are Snoop Dogg; Credit: Christian Jørgensen

In the house he was at ease. He had the newest in laptop cellular and whatever. He had gold rings with stones the size of walnuts and even gave jewelery to the family. I have a ring in my possession which [says] 'SD' and is 18 carat gold with not less than 20 small diamonds. Not a new ring — most of the diamonds are crushed — but someone has been found of this ring.

In the house he did not wear his hat and he had same the hairstyle as Snoop. He had no tattoos at that time. He was tall, and handsome.

When under the influence of ayahuasca his childhood, which was terrible, came to the surface. A childhood marked with violence, guns and even murder. He also started rapping and believe you me he could rap.

Credit: Christian Jørgensen

Credit: Christian Jørgensen

On the final day of his stay we went to the nearby town and saw the sites. This is the day the pictures are taken. [His] watch is expensive as are his rings. Also his clothes are of finest quality.

He had a great time in the village of the family where he took hundreds of pictures and video. Nobody, except a occasional tourist, in the village could care about who he was I mean they don't Snoop in that part of the world. In the nearby town Snoop is well known and the girls they adored him and my man didn´t seem to mind.

Bwahahahahaha. Jørgensen was barely dissuaded from his belief that this guy was the real McCoy even after I pointed him in the direction of the internets.

So who is he if not who he says he is??? A double??? A look alike?? A pretty good look alike I would say. But I don't know, you are the expert…

I send you additional fotos and ask you to reconsider your stand.

Thanks again Ben for your time and interest and I hope you will get to the bottom of this. And please let me know what you find out.

Yours kindly, Christian

Also not Snoop; Credit: Christian Jørgensen

Also not Snoop; Credit: Christian Jørgensen

Indeed, I would love to get to the bottom of this. Anyone else ever met this character?

Update: Jørgensen has sent in his self portrait, which you can see below.

Christian Jørgensen

Christian Jørgensen

He notes: “It looks like BIG BEN don´t it? But it is Copenhagen, Denmark.”

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