Since 1999, Cancerslug has been the horror punk project of Alex Story, who has more recently been seen fronting Doyle of the Misfits’ solo band. That makes complete sense — Cancer slug are clearly disciples of the Misfits, right down to Story sharing vocal similarities with Danzig. Live, he did Misfits classics proud while fronting Doyle. But this week’s show at the Whisky is all about his day gig, and if recent video “Sassy For Satan” is anything to go by, they haven’t been slouching around. Knowing and funny, while also crunching and heavy, it’s a killer song and proof that Story is an excellent singer, songwriter and performer in his own right. We sat down with Story to discuss it all.

L.A. WEEKLY: For the newbie, when did the band form, where, and what was the mission?

ALEX STORY: We started in 1999 in Huntsville, Alabama. Really we just wanted to annoy the local music scene with something really obnoxious. But it grew into something of a cult following that reached all over the globe.

Describe the sound… who are the major influences? How has it grown between releases?

We were influenced by everything from early punk rock and heavy metal to blues and doo-wop.  We don’t stick to one style or sound.  From one song to the next and one album to the next, we constantly change and evolve the sound. Over 20 years, we’ve released over 30 albums and demo releases with almost 400 songs

You also sing with Doyle — how do you balance the two bands?

I find that I don’t do well with “time off,” so as soon as I come off a tour with Doyle I jump straight into Cancerslug.

What can we expect from the Whisky set?

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary with an amazing set covering two decades of insane music, blood, and violent fun. It will be a special night full of surprises

What’s next, after these shows?

We are working on an album of new material. As well as some vinyl releases. Plus we’ve got a documentary on the band coming out. Then after the next Doyle tour we plan on doing a massive Cancerslug run. Slug Cult Rise!

Cancerslug plays with The Mother Vines, Mr. E & the Filthy Devils, Delphic Sibyl, Gypsy Priest and The Sobers at 7 p.m. on Thursday, June 20 at the Whisky A Go Go.

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