A Night with The Olms: Pete Yorn & J.D. King

J.D. King and Pete Yorn; Credit: Michele McManmonJ.D. King and Pete Yorn; Credit: Michele McManmon

Pete Yorn & JD King are the psychedelic folk duo know as The Olms. LA Weekly followed them Friday night for Demetri Martin's Infrequent Guest Show at Largo. Soundchecks, backstage hangtime, meeting magicians, and performing in front of a sold out crowd is just a regular evening for The Olms. They Performed an exiting set with a full band that included percussionist Malcolm Cross, bassist Giuseppe Patané, guitarist Jonny Polonsky, and cello/organ/percussionist Gabe Noel. The Olms will take you to a higher place of musical consciousness, so fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the flight! All photos by Michele McManmon.

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