Despite its pastoral title, Songs and Dances of Imaginary Lands blends elements of an adult Disneyland ride with dance theater and contemporary opera as choreographer Nina Winthrop, director O-Lan Jones and dozens of librettists, composers and designers transform a 25,000-square-foot vacant car dealership into 21 different lands. The audience follows the adventures of a couple as each location captures some signature moment in their lives. Each land also has its own, distinctive dances and songs with 20 performers supported by a nine-piece orchestra. In keeping with the travel themes, audience members can opt for varying degrees of transportation comfort. Top ticket price ($50) buys a bicycle-drawn rickshaw. Next is a train dubbed the Overtone Express ($40), and coach travelers ($25) propel their own chairs, (hopefully with wheels). No info on whether the $15 ticket holders are walking or perhaps peddling the rickshaws. Unlike a trip at LAX, there's no extra charge for carry-ons.

Fri., July 9, 2010

LA Weekly