Even if you've never wondered what it's like to put Slim Jim on top of your frozen yogurt, it's nice to know that there's a place you can do it. After all, isn't self-serve frozen yogurt all about letting you customize each chilly confection to your individual taste? Toppings at most any self-serve yogurt joint can range from traditional to exotic, from humble to decadent so whether you want strawberries or lychee, granola or cheesecake, you can have it portioned to your liking at a set price per ounce. But what if you want Cheetos on your yogurt? Or beef jerkey? Unless you're at the Cherry on Top in Santa Monica, you're probably out of luck.

This is not to say that such bold selections are available in Cherry on Top's designated toppings section. Nor that the franchise would even endorse the idea of Cheeto-ed froyo. Rather, it is because when this particular Cherry on Top decided to set up shop, about three months ago, it did so inside of the Shell gas station/car wash on the northwest corner of Pico and Lincoln. Talk about a marriage of convenience. Or, well, convenience store.

The intersection of sweet cultured fro-yo to the left, and shelved rows of savory snacks to the right, is a veritable call to the unsuspecting consumer to unite flavors in imaginative (if gross) combinations, like green tea with Funyuns, and cake batter-Coke float.

Sure, at 44 cents per ounce, the yogurt is much more expensive than Yogurt Express, Yogurtland and the other self-serve guys, and sure, the flavors can sometimes be a little watery, a little too sweet. But when you need fro-yo topped with tortilla chips, fuel and a wash for your car, there's really nowhere else to go. Really.

Cherry On Top: 1866 Lincoln Blvd., Santa Monica, (310) 450-7211.

LA Weekly