It seems like everyone shares a common struggle and common goal: How do we get healthier, look better and feel better? We all agonize over the search for the easiest diet and the fastest weight-loss tricks. And there is no shortage of supplements, weight-loss fads and diets. There is so much noise it is hard to really understand what works and what does not. 

Can CBD be the answer to our weight loss and fitness goals? The rumors are true: You really can lose weight with a combination of CBD and terpenes.

With CBD weight loss, you don’t have to overcomplicate the pathway to your goals. I’ve seen it firsthand with Tune CBD Weight Loss Elixir. It works with your body to achieve a natural, gentle and longterm positive change in your health. 

Whether our desire to lose weight is rooted in aesthetics, wellness or both, the pursuit for a leaner lifestyle seems to be cyclical and never-ending. This frustrating pattern of diet and weight gain is due to one simple fact: Most of us are doing it wrong. Science and studies have shown us time and again that fad diets don’t work. While they are sometimes quick fixes, the results seldom stick around. 

However, there is one proven way to lose weight and keep it off: calories in vs. calories out. All you really have to do is curb your overeating — and Tune’s CBD and terpene blend can help do just that. To me, Tune’s CBD Weight Loss Elixir is the diet that works. 

As we all know, limiting one’s caloric intake is easier said than done. It’s frustratingly difficult to get our urges in line. Tune’s Weight Loss Elixir is made with CBD and enhanced by a proprietary blend of terpenes that use the natural powers of hemp to tell your body when to stop eating. 

We’ve tried just about every tactic there is and have finally settled into a comfortable and results-driven CBD routine that has increased our wellbeing tenfold. Here is what we’ve learned on our journey, broken down into 10 quick facts to help build the foundation of your new whole-body wellness habit. 

  1. There Are Different Types Of Fat: 

Everyone holds fat in their body — good fat and bad fat. Good fat helps you to maintain a healthy weight, and those who are lean and metabolically healthy tend to have more of it. Bad fat accumulates under the skin and gathers around our internal organs. Bad fat is what causes weight gain, cellulite and generally affects our overall physical and mental health negatively. 

  1. Fat Increases When You Consume More Calories Than You Burn. 

Fat increases when you consume more calories than you burn. On the plus side, this also means that fat decreases when you consume less calories than you burn.

  1. It’s Not Your Fault You’re Hungry

You don’t control your hunger. Being hungry is not due to a lack of motivation or willpower, but rather a very natural and biological response to our body’s signals. We cannot simply will ourselves to eat less; the reason for this exists in a tiny part of your brain called the hypothalamus. 

  1. Our Brains Are Bad Communicators

The most active part of the hypothalamus tells us we are hungry and must eat more to survive. The weaker portion tells us when we are full. Most of the time this stronger part of the brain wins and we are left unaware of our body’s actual limits, causing us to overeat. 

  1. You Can Control Your Hunger By Helping Your Body Communicate

To ease false urges and be aware of our body’s limits, we must learn to better understand its signals. We can improve communication by using an expertly crafted CBD formula to stimulate the brain during meals, shutting down the desire to overeat.

  1. It’s Not As Complicated As You Think

The cannabinoid THC is almost legendary for creating an appetite, or, “the munchies.” THC increases your body’s hunger communication, encouraging excess calorie consumption and weight gain. Luckily for us, enhanced levels of certain cannabis-derived terpenes suppresses appetite. How does it do this? By doing just what we want it to, stimulating the right portion of the brain thus shutting down the desire to overeat.

  1. CBD Encourages Healthy Fat Loss

The fat reducing effects of CBD were first observed in a 2012, when it was shown to significantly reduced total food consumption by:

  • Encouraging the breakdown and oxidation of fat;
  • Assisting the body in burning more calories;
  • Preventing the generation of fat cells in the body.
  1. CBD Is A Natural and Long-Lasting Way To Maintain A Healthy Weight

An alternative to harmful diets and snake oil supplements has long been searched for, and has finally been found in a combination of CBD and enhanced terpenes. After multiple studies and success stories, this “CBD diet” has emerged as a safe and effective alternative to fight unwanted weight gain. 

  1. Not All CBD Is The Same

Most of us living in Southern California are no stranger to CBD. Los Angeles is virtually littered with advertisements and products; we often don’t go more than a mile without seeing its presence. However familiar with the name we are, most of us aren’t experts in the subject which makes us targets for inflated and exaggerated promises. In order to see actual results from CBD weight loss, we have to find a product that is rooted in science with proven results. 

  1. Tune Wellness Is The Leader In CBD Hemp Oil Weight Loss

Tune Wellness CBD is a THC-free, terpene enhanced, broad-spectrum liquid that helps promote fat loss through three separate physiological channels including increasing energy at the mitochondrial level, increasing fat burning by improving the ratio of good fat to bad fat and appetite suppression. 

If You Are Ready For A Lasting Change, Try Tune Wellness

Tune Weight Loss Elixir is a cannabinoid, terpene and cannaflavin rich hemp extract standardized to a specific total quantity of CBD and enhanced with specific appetite suppressing terpenes. It works with precision, opening the communication channels between your brain and your body, putting a stop to harmful overeating. 

If you want to lose weight quickly or just need a diet that works, Tune Wellness is the best dieting trick on the market. 


Charles Stebbins is a biochemist and an iconic 40-year veteran in the nutraceutical products industry and the founder of sports and performance nutrition. In addition to creating the world’s finest hemp-based terpene enhanced products, he has authored From Seed to Cell: The True Science of Cannabis®, the only completely evidence based, fully annotated cannabis specialist certification program, in use by advanced educational entities supporting licensed medical and pharmaceutical personnel nationwide.

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