While websites like the Smoking Gun specialize in the scandal of celebrity mug shots, the creators of Mugshots: A Celebration of the Journey From Ruin to Redemption seek to inspire with stark black-and-white portraits of onetime bad boys and girls who ultimately found salvation. Photographer Jonas Mohr's “mug shots” capture the intensity of the stories that unfold in Jason Porath's text — true stories of addicts, criminals and gang members — and the twists of fate that saved them. Among the misguided lives: rapper Coolio, actor Danny Trejo, writer Jerry Stahl, singer Adele Bertei, BMX pro Rick Thorne, Hollywood agent Manny Jimenez, bluesman Jake La Botz and tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon. Mohr and Tom Moyer, the book's creative director and designer, discuss and sign the book, joined by four of the book's subjects, actors Emilio Rivera and Ty Granderson Jones, playwright Stogie Kenyatta and community activist Luis Rodriguez.

Sat., June 11, 2 p.m., 2011

LA Weekly