It was nearly a month ago that a Los Angeles police officer was caught on tape throwing a kick at a bicyclist during a Critical Mass bike ride through Hollywood. Some riders alleged that cops threw them off their bikes, and the man who taped the incident is suing the department and the city of L.A.

But over the weekend it appears that Critical Mass, the somewhat anarchic riders' group, and the Los Angeles Police Department, patched things up after officers went on a Friday night ride, according to LAist.

The site called it “a completely opposite scenario from last month” and reported only a few incidents:

Surrounded by a small group of excited cyclists on the subway late Friday night, Sgt. David Krumer had a positive outlook on the event. “We were happy that it went as well as it did,” he said, “but of course it could have gone better.” He said there were only a handful of incidents, including some arrests for vandalism, fireworks set off in Hollywood and a cyclist who was hit by a car in West Hollywood.

Ride on.

LA Weekly