A John Waters Christmas is here and that means so are the holidays. Not ready to put up the tree or hear incessant holiday carols at the supermarket yet? Too bad. The king of trash’s one-man shows –always a can’t miss– will have you rocking around the tinsel-drenched Christmas tree, mocking the traditions and consumerism, and enjoying it in spite of yourself. We could write more quippy and colorful praise for the legendary filmmaker behind Hairspray, Cry Baby, and other subversively “divine” indies that defined camp, but we’ll just let the event description from the venue’s website speak for itself when it comes to the show itself:

Like an obsessed and shell-shocked St. Nick from quarantine, John Waters, the “people’s pervert” or “queer Confucius” as the press recently called him, is back after a two-year home detention in Baltimore to hit the road again for his 25th Annual Xmas Tour. Bad little boys and girls and everybody in between and beyond, will be thrilled to take a sleigh-ride-of-sleaze down the slopes of good taste and over the ski jump of religious beliefs to a snow drift of candy cane anarchy.

As we wrote after enjoying his last stage show, Waters stream of consciousness–style gabfest offers background on his movies and the motivations behind them, but it also serves up enlightening introspection about the absurdity of modern culture, perfect for this time of year. Read the full review here.

A John Waters Christmas (It’s a Yuletide Massacre) at the Vermont, 1020 N. Vermont Ave. Tickets and info here.


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