Q: What's better than an energy dome?

A: An energy dome made of JELL-O.

On display at the new Tender Greens Hollywood: terraced mold of cherry JELL-O, like a translucent ziggurrat crowned by Cool Whip, beneath the caption “Crack that whip!”. The poster, for a show that 80's New Age/fashion icons DEVO played in San Francisco last November, is part of a temporary installation of concert posters designed by pop artist Kii Arens.

Walking out to the back patio at Tender Green's newest outpost, the DEVO JELL-O poster hangs in line with Arens' other equally vivid and playful posters. Second on the right, just after Radiohead for Haiti, across from the Willie Nelson's meat flag.

Though Arens' poster isn't our favorite union of Devo and food (that distinction is held by Mr. Smithers' “Whip it (licorice whip)” from the Simpson's Variety Hour), it is a very, very close second.

Signed litographs of JELL-O DEVO, and all of the Arens' posters at Tender Greens, are available for purchase at lalalandposters.com.

Tender Greens Hollywood: 6290 West Sunset Blvd. (323) 382-0380.

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