A Glimpse Into Your New Obsession: Whole Goods Solar-Powered Lights

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Calling all customers who need outdoor lights! Helping the environment has gotten just a little bit easier thanks to brands like Whole Goods and their affordable, solar-powered lights that meet every security need.

Whether it be outdoor lights, patio lights, security lights, led lights, wall lights or motion sensors for the yard, their super-bright, high-quality LED models are both safe and eco-friendly, meant to leave the world just a little greener than before.

With the climate crisis continuing to gain urgency, brands like Whole Goods are allowing consumers to make not just the right choice for themselves, but for the environment.

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Have You Heard? We’re in Crisis

Consumers might already know this but it’s important to buy eco-friendly products to help save the environment given the world is currently in a climate crisis. Forest fires, huge changes in temperature, hurricanes, floods, the mortality of polar bears, the extinction of species— these are all major issues we read in headlines every day.

According to Climate.gov, “the 10 warmest years in the historical record have all occurred since 2010” and as cited in NOAA’s 2021 Annual Climate Report, the combined land and ocean temperature has increased at an average rate of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit ( 0.08 degrees Celsius) per decade since 1880; however, the average rate of increase since 1981 has been more than twice as fast: 0.32 °F (0.18 °C) per decade.”

Moreover, the ice sheets of the world are melting. “The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have decreased in mass [given] data from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment show Greenland lost an average of 279 billion tons of ice per year between 1993 and 2019, while Antarctica lost about 148 billion tons of ice per year,” Nasa reported on their climate site.

Articles upon articles talk about the impending ramifications of climate change— and it’s time we do something about it in both the big and little decisions we make.

The Power of Solar Power

The Department of Energy summarizes it best: “As a renewable source of power, solar energy has an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change, which is critical to protecting humans, wildlife, and ecosystems. Solar energy can also improve air quality and reduce water use from energy production.”

In other words, using products powered by solar energy allows you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions like CO2, as well as other dangerous pollutants such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides. Water consumption is also decreased through the use of solar energy.

In this way, buying products that utilize solar energy is one of the best ways to help the environment and consumers in making that purchase decision can do their part to help the planet.

That’s where Whole Goods comes in.

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The Power of Whole Goods

Whole Goods was founded upon the mission to shed a bright light not only on your yard, but also in the world and its bountiful environment. The innovative tech company wants to do everything they can to help consumers buy products that don’t compromise their passion for leaving the world a better and greener place for future generations.

This parallels well with their vision to also ensure safety and security for households, families and loved ones. No matter what neighborhood one is in, installing bright LED lights is crucial for maintaining security and visibility on your property and can give you the peace of mind you deserve at home and in your space.

Better yet, Whole Goods has various solar light packs that are available conveniently on Amazon, ensure a low-cost maintenance and have 5-star reviews from customers. The outdoor lights they offer are waterproof and can have PIR motion sensors of up to 50 feet of distance if you need.

Unlike many other outdoor lights brands, Whole Goods  offers not only solar powered decorative LEDs (298 leds with up to 2500 lm), but also they cover ultra-wide-angle using a four-sides design. They also use RaLights which cover 1600sq ft in their full potential and they are made from tempered glass which offers a high degree of protection against external debris.

Customers thus cannot help but rave about the lights’ high battery capacity (they use a 2200 mAh battery) and how the super bright light adds a whole level of security and visibility to their pool, garden, or yard— even at the darkest, foggiest nights. With up to 800LM light in a 2635D fabric LED and high-quality pvc plastic around the rim,  these lights are a safe investment given their long lifespan and seamless design.

Indeed, the lights can last up to 20 years— 5,000 hours or more— and can be recharged in any weather.

Offering both 1-packs or 2-packs, this solar brand therefore taps into power, efficiency, safety, and efficacy, proving to be a top quality, professional brand that meets the gaps in our industry for saving the environment. The key for them is that efficiency and result are never compromised.

The Net-Net

Almost every household uses and needs outdoor lights: imagine how many carbon emissions we can save if each and every one uses solar powered lights— ones that are affordable and powerful in execution. This means customers can help their environment as well as their home be the very best version it can be.

Moreover, these lights come in 3-5 modes lights including various flashlight modes like minimum constant light, medium light, bright light, motion sensor operation and a switching between yellow, white, and blue light.

With a 24 month warranty, Whole Goods hopes all customers can feel seen and cared for when it comes to the safety and security of their homes, and that communities can truly see and feel the profound impact they make with their brand as a whole.

Whole Goods cares about customers and regularly offers unique deals to those who want to experience the brand’s quality. Right now, you can purchase any Solar Light product with an exclusive 20% discount that’s active until the end of May.

If you prefer purchasing on Amazon, use the SUN4U20OFF promo code to redeem the special 20% discount. Hurry up! The number of available items is limited.

If you want to know more, visit Whole Goods on Amazon and their website today.

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