There can never be enough sausages. For those of us who love German food, it's a common refrain that barely any American city truly delivers on this particular front, and L.A. is no different. Nick & Stef's chef Andreas Roller, a German native, has spent his years in L.A. seeking out what our city has to offer in terms of German food, all the while building his own reputation within the Patina Restaurant Group.

Roller grew up in Germany's Black Forest, working in his parents' restaurant from a young age. Since then he has worked all over the world, in all manner of upscale restaurants. He first came to L.A. in 2000, working as a sous chef at Patina on Melrose, after which he went globetrotting for a few more years. Finally in 2007 he returned to L.A. and again joined the Patina family, working at the Hollywood Bowl and Walt Disney Concert Hall. When the Patina Group relaunched steakhouse Nick & Stef's in 2015, Roller was put at the helm in order to bring his years of experience and international influences to the kitchen there. 

While we're certainly impressed with his professional experience, we also wanted to know about his years of experience seeking out German food in L.A. Here are Roller's five picks. 

5. Cost Plus World Market 
“This location has a great variety of German mustards and groceries. I make sure to stop here every time I visit the Farmers Market.”
6333 W. Third St. (in the Original Farmers Market), Fairfax. (323) 935-5530, worldmarket.com/store-locator/la-farmers-market-grove.do.

Bosna (pork and veal sausage) at BierBeisl Imbiss; Credit: Anne Fishbein

Bosna (pork and veal sausage) at BierBeisl Imbiss; Credit: Anne Fishbein

4. BierBeisl Imbiss
“My friend and former sous chef Bernhard Mairinger is making great German-/Austrian-style street food here. The sausages are amazing, but I personally love their rye bread.” 541 S. Spring St., #109, downtown. (213) 935-8035, bierbeisl-imbiss.com.

3. Currywurst Truck
“'Currywurst-man' Christian Topperwien is serving the No. 1 German street food out of his truck. This dish is made from grilled bratwurst sausages cut into slices and seasoned with a secret-recipe curry ketchup, placed inside of an unforgettable crusty German roll called Brötchen.” Various Locations. (323) 835-1222, currywursttruck.com.

2. Schreiner’s Fine Sausages
“When in the area I always stop by Schreiner’s for a deli sandwich and a Karamalz German Malt soda. Karamalz is an all-natural, non-alcoholic drink that is brewed much like beer. Unlike beer, it has not been fermented, so it is very sweet.” 3417 Ocean View Blvd., Glendale.
(818) 244-4735, schreinersfinesausages.com.

Red Lion Tavern; Credit: Rachael Narins

Red Lion Tavern; Credit: Rachael Narins

1. Red Lion Tavern
“And, of course, when the soccer World Cup is taking place, we all meet at the Red Lion Tavern in Silver Lake for some Continental sausages at 6 a.m.” 2366 Glendale Blvd., Silver Lake. (323) 662-5337, redliontavern.net.

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