Hey, remember this from the gospels?

“One day Peter, who was one of Jesus' right-hand men, came up to ask a very important question. Maybe somebody had done him some real dirt and got him teed off, 'cause he was mad.

He says to Jesus, 'How many times do I have to forgive people when they are always buggin' me?”

Of course you don't, unless you were one of the street kids lucky enough to get such straight talk from Carl F. Burke, author of God is For Real, Man.

There's many other bursts of his biblical street talk in this week's Studies in Crap post on our Style Council blog, including the story of Judas now titled “A Stoolie in Jesus' Gang” and some New Testament fun like this:

“Jesus didn't tell them how stupid they were

Or call them retards –

He talked to them like they were real important-like.”

So click on through to Studies in Crap for all that plus some other amazing finds from the St. vincent de Paul store in Long Beach!

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