These are scans of a fantastic vintage (from the 1970s I'm guessing?) ViewMaster reel of Barbie doing various everyday things: camping, picking up Skipper at the airport, watching TV. Super-duper-extra-fancy computer graphically 3D animated films are great and all, but they just don't have the charm of old-school stop-action models like these.

There's even a story happening in the dioramas. The narrative as described by the package description: “SuperStar BarbieTM sends her sister, Skipper TM, a ticket for a glamorous vacation among the stars. When Barbie realizes they haven't had enough time alone, Barbie and Skipper go off on a camping trip together. Then Barbie gets into a dangerous predicament and there's only Skipper to help.”

Click here to view the full set (in chronological order) as uploaded by someone on Flickr.

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