If you've ever had a coffee subscription, you'll know that having coffee arrive fresh each week (or month) is a special kind of luxury. Now there's a way you can give yourself that luxury and also help to curb rainforest deforestation. 

Cuipo is an organization out of Newport Beach that works with consumers to save the rainforest. In other words, they sell stuff and then use the money to buy tracts of rainforest and preserve it. Up until now that has mainly been clothing, skateboards and surfboards, kid's accessories, as well as bracelets from the Panamanian Kuna people. Cuipo also allows you to “gift” rainforest land to others by donating in their name. 

This week, Cuipo launched a new product, Cuipo & Bean, a Brazilian, organic, fair-trade coffee. For each pound of coffee sold, Cuipo saves one square meter of rainforest. 
Cuipo was founded in 2008 by Southern California natives Gus Hurst and Tom Murray. The two were working in real estate in Panama, where they saw the effects of deforestation firsthand. They decided the most effective way to work against the loss of the rainforest would be to buy up huge tracts of it, and to do that they launched Cuipo.

Cuipo & Bean is made with Brazil Fazenda Colina coffee, from the Cerrado region of Brazil, and roasted to order in Southern California in small batches by coffee roaster Jim Schwartz. The coffee itself is pretty darn tasty. It's a mellow, low-acid coffee with a medium roast. It's not coffee for those looking for that black sludge quality, but rather for people who actually want to taste the nuances of the bean – nutty, a little fruity, and well-balanced.

Cuipo & Bean costs $14 per pound, and you can order it as a subscription with whatever replenishment option you'd like. 

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