Most kiddie so-called comedy shows make me want to throw myself under the wheels on the bus. Naomi Odenkirk, wife of humor guy Bob (Mr. Show, blah blah blah, pictured)) and creator of The Not Inappropriate Show, agrees. “We have kids who love good comedy. And there is nothing like this ever happening. This idea was born last year when there was nothing to take my kids to on New Year's. Bob and I cherry-picked these sketches and songs from different sketch groups and troupes from around town. Here’s the hook: It's a show for kids, but none of the sketches were actually written for kids. They are great sketches Bob and I have loved that happen to be 'not inappropriate' for a young audience. We will definitely make it a tradition -– a quality show on the last afternoon of the year -— something special to do with your kids before you go out for the night.”

Thu., Dec. 31, 4 p.m., 2009

LA Weekly