A Casual West Coast Cool Washes over CasPark’s “TakeOut”

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Meet CasPark, the Chicago-born musician who has taken Hollywood by storm. Schooled at Berklee College of Music, mentored by Grammy-winning production duo Stargate and sponsored by Ableton, Cas writes, plays, and produces his tracks. As a former band frontman, he sold out iconic LA venues like The Troubadour and Viper Room. He is making waves as a solo artist and collaborator in LA’s buzzing music scene.

Influenced by blackbear, Daniel Caesar, and Frank Ocean, Cas has created a unique sound centered around his rich voice, Chicago roots, and all the flashy vices he’s picked up since moving to LA. With tracks set to release in 2023, take advantage of the rising talent of CasPark.

Intensely romantic in exploring small moments of affection, CasPark croons with such sweetness on his most highly streamed track, “TakeOut.” He embraces a hushed reverence. Nods to Stones Throw Records adorn the way. From the laid-back keyboards to the nimble percussion, he sets the mood. Bossa nova, jazz, R&B, pop, and more get woven together. As CasPark’s honeyed vocals lead the way, a vast tapestry of sound takes shape. He sings each verse with care as they cascade one after the other. Plenty of life gets imbued into the surroundings, and the buildup has a classic cadence as he makes sure to let each flourish reverberate into the vast space.

The cyclical nature is an essential part of his charm. Near hushed at first, he lets the song gain confidence. It circles in this delirious way, making the piece effortlessly grand. He embodies what it means to care for another, not in any sweeping gesture but with this small yet steady attention to detail. Even the arrangement emphasizes this fact, as the bass that rumbles through has a light touch, allowing his light and airy tenor to continue into the infinite. The song blooms forth, with the evolution of the groove perfectly underpinning the sense of genuine compassion. He lets things burst into one last rush for the final stretch before it fades to silence.

CasPark emphasizes the beauty of understanding another’s daily desires with the tender “TakeOut.” Check out his most recent release, “In Demand.”

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