In last week's First Bite column, which waxed purple over french fries at the rather too new Farmshop, we misidentified the price of the potatoes involved. We were erroneously brought a $4.50 serving of french fries instead of the $10.50 fried potatoes we had ordered, which are, we are told, baby potatoes cut in half, blanched and fried. We regret the error, although we were certainly charged $10.50 for the french fries. The $4.50 french fries may be enjoyed merely as french fries, with no precipitous leaps in aesthetic judgment required.

In addition, we were informed that Farmshop's pastrami recipe came from Jeff Cerciello's Jewish grandmother, when in fact it was from Chef de Cuisine Joshua Drew's Jewish grandmother. We regret that error, too, although we would still bet that Chef Drew's bubbe never put braised kale on her pastrami.

There are occasionally perils in writing about restaurants in their first few days. We regret that we didn't hold off our First Bite until March, giving 37 bloggers, 138 tweeters, the Windward School newsletter and Miss S. Irene Virbila the chance to weigh in first.

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