Fifteen officers were identified has having been “involved” in the shooting death of a suspect in Pacoima near San Fernando last month, Los Angeles police reported Tuesday.

That the suspect pointed a fake gun at authorities — making the incident sound like a case of “suicide by cop” — is not that unusual: that so many officers apparently opened fire is. The department doesn't state outright that all 15 squeezed their triggers, but it does say that “several” of them opened fire.

According to the LAPD's account, the confrontation started at 12:40 a.m. on July 16 when officers responded to a “domestic disturbance” in the 11900 block of Phillippi Avenue in Pacoima near San Fernando.

The caller said her estranged boyfriend, suspect Luciano Reyes, was drunk and had been banging on her windows and doors in an attempt to get inside.

Officers found the 35-year-old standing in the front yard. When he pointed what appeared to be a gun at them, they opened fire, and they shot at him once more as he moved around the house and ended up near a driveway. This time they got him, and Reyes was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect's gun was later found to be a fake, officials said.

The LAPD identified 15 officers involved in the shooting. We're not going to list them all. See for yourself.

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