Over the weekend, the Echoplex played host to a mini-festival benefiting 826LA, the local branch of Dave Eggers' countrywide youth writing nonprofit.

The curious event, which involved on-the-spot punk haircuts and an appearance from a heavy metal food truck, was saddled with an even curioser title: Chickens in Love.

The reason being? It's the name the kiddies of 826LA came up with for their soon-to-be-released music compilation, which features an incredible roster of L.A.-based artists performing songs whose lyrics were written by the youngsters in the program.

Among those caught up in the comp: Fiona Apple, She and Him, Cold War Kids, Tim and Eric, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Dum Dum Girls, Summer Darling, The Growlers, Crystal Antlers, the Happy Hollows, the Submarines, and the Pity Party.

Several of those bands turned out for Saturday's Chickens in Love concert, including the Pity Party, who can be seen performing in the scratchy clip below

The band plays its contribution, “Boring,” at 4:20.

The Pity Party actually made it into the good graces of 826LA by winning the foundation's battle of the bands last year. The group's prize was the video you see below (followed by an MP3 of that song, “Wanting Want”).

As art-damaged and out-there as the Pity Party can be, it seems like they're always looking out for the little ones. Perhaps the East Side has it's own experimental rock Raffi?

DOWNLOAD: The Pity Party, “Wanting Want” [MP3]

Also, because it's awesome, here are the kids of 826LA and the Submarines performing the titular track from Chickens in Love. Pledge your support here.

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